Sylvia Tennant

Photo by  Victoria Black

Sylvia Tennant is the designer and CEO of Zaleska Jewelry.

Her journey as a jewelry designer began out of necessity. While studying fine arts in university, Sylvia would often shop for jewelry, but could never find rings that fit her size 9 fingers. An inspiring sculpture class led her to create wire-wrapped rings with vintage brooches, and thus began a journey that would gradually alter the course of her life. Upon completing her second degree, this time in education, Sylvia began teaching high school art while simultaneously exploring jewelry design as a business.

A passion for gemstones runs in the family, as does a spiritual connection to their metaphysical properties. Sylvia’s latest collection is inspired by her studies of sacred sites around the world, powerful women in history, and goddesses. She has spent countless hours studying ancient civilizations and cataloguing adornments worn centuries ago, which have informed Zaleska’s unique aesthetic.

Sylvia’s curatorial eye was developed as a senior contributor to a Canadian fashion magazine and she is a published travel and fashion photographer. When not working in her home studio, you’ll likely find her strolling the seawall, trying not to be late for yoga, or driving to the post office on her scooter.

Zaleska Jewelry is handmade by Sylvia and her talented team of silver and goldsmiths in Vancouver, B.C. and Bali, Indonesia.

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