Sylvia Tennant

Photo by Rebecca Amber

Photo by Rebecca Amber

Sylvia Tennant is the designer and CEO of Zaleska Jewelry. Her pieces are intended to be worn as tools for energetic self care and have been embraced by a global community of conscious consumers.

Sylvia pulls inspiration from historical periods that range from ancient Egypt to Art Deco, as well as channeled visualizations from her meditations. Her curatorial eye was developed as a senior contributor to a Canadian fashion magazine. Incorporating natural gemstones into her designs comes from a genuine interest in metaphysics and the countless civilizations that used crystals for healing and honing energetic fields. 

When not at her laptop, you can find her exploring the world as a writer for Drift Travel, trying not to be late for yoga, and occasionally teaching high school art in the Vancouver School District. 

Zaleska Jewelry is handmade by Sylvia and her talented team of silversmiths in Vancouver, B.C. and Bali, Indonesia.

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