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My friend Mimi Young is a plant spirit medicine practitioner in Vancouver, BC and owns a beautiful ritual-based skin and spirit line called Ceremonie. As a modern mystic, she integrates core shamanism, crystal therapy, earth-based magick, and other healing modalities into her offerings, and she is also trained in aromatics for skin. Each Ceremonie product is not only vegan, toxin-free and filler-free, but is also blessed with messages from plant, mineral, and animal spirit realms, imprinted with transformational mantras and other vibrational potencies.

I've tried many variations of smokeless smudge mists and hers is by far my favourite. The reason I'm sharing this with you is because I attended one of Mimi's Energetic Spring Cleaning workshops at Nectar Juicery in March of this year and it was AMAZING. She truly is the real deal, and she has just announced A WORKSHOP ON CRYSTALS!! 

If you're interested in learning more, read her description below. I highly recommend attending one of these workshops in Vancouver on May 24 or May 31 (there are two date options). You can find information on these events here.

Techniques on Acquiring, Cleansing, Charging, and Programming Your Stones

For as long as humans have interacted with them, crystals have been revered for their beauty and recognized for their abilities to accelerate personal development upon the spiritual path. Yet, many are not fully utilizing their stones’ full powers for personal, healing benefits. Join us as Mimi Young provides insights and techniques to various methods to access the energies available from the mineral kingdom. Learn how to acquire, cleanse, charge (renewing its vibrancy) and program (instructing the energies of the crystal to implement its qualities of attunement) your crystals to serve you. Discover ideal times and places to charge and program crystals, plants that enhance them, and a few new ways to use them. This is a theory-based and hands-on class where attendees can practise the techniques. We will also be embarking on a group shamanic journey led by Mimi to invite spirit allies to imprint our crystals. 

Photos and descriptions credit: and @shopceremonie

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