A Visual Sneak Peek of Zaleska’s 2019 Collection Shoot

The official photos from this shoot have yet to be released, but I want to share these beautiful in-between moments that Alberta captured for us on 35mm film.

We shot at Victoria’s studio in the Ellis building, a heritage space that oozes nostalgia for us. Victoria’s space always feels warm and inviting because she’s one of the kindest people we’ve ever worked with. 

Our shoot day started at 9 AM with a bucket full of flowers and cases of jewelry. Alberta took my inspiration and brought it to life with vintage pieces picked from the stock and private collections of Vancouver’s finest vintage stores. Brooke created our vision of, “natural and glowy,” and executed it perfectly on our friend, fellow entrepreneur, and muse, Sally, who had us in awe of her natural ability to connect with the camera.

Had you told me a few years ago that I would be able to bring talented women together to help me create, I would have laughed nervously in disbelief. Moments like these remind me that it’s been a slow and intentional journey to build this brand, and the road was not always paved with gold. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to see my work through the eyes of others, and I cannot wait to share our lookbook with you!

xox Sylvia 

Our beloved team:

Victoria Black | Photographer
Alberta Rose | Stylist
Brooke Sovdi | Hair & Makeup
Sally Nadison | Model & Muse

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