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Thank you to Alexis Sheridan, Ryan Pugsley, Caitlin McMurray, and Dana Barton of Brunette the Label for telling my story - this was a beautiful experience. And a big thank you to Miriam Alden for pioneering community in this industry. I’m extremely proud to be a small part of the Brunette world. Please check out the article and interview below.

Sylvia Tennant of Zaleska Jewelry

design, fashion · vancouver

Sylvia Tennant has a dreamy, magical way about her from the moment you meet her. Wildly creative, Sylvia grew up with a mother who adored jewelry, and consequently, she was fascinated with sparkling gems from her time as a child—so it’s no surprise that she ended up as a successful jewelry designer.

Formerly a school teacher, Sylvia is now a thriving entrepreneur whose company, Zaleska Jewelry features gorgeous pieces that explore themes like metaphysics, goddess energy, and sacred ancient sites (so cool, right?!) Her ethereal style has attracted attention from major publications and blogs, and her business has continued to grow quickly over the last few years. Sylvia is passionate about jewelry for more than its beauty alone, and her knowledge of the history of gemstones and their energetic properties influences the pieces she creates.

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