Moonstone Monarch Hoops | Sterling Silver

Moonstone Monarch Hoops | Sterling Silver


This is the second version in my quest to create the perfect pair of subtle gemstone hoops. Like last year’s design, these light and sparkly earrings still hold 10 faceted rainbow moonstones, but the stones are now 30% bigger while the hoop is slightly smaller. Our signature V-shape design is useful for keeping hair from getting caught / falling inside.

Sterling silver hoops with faceted oval rainbow moonstone.

  • Sterling silver studs, posts & backings

  • Handmade - please wear with care

Moonstone stimulates the divine and intuitive feminine power rooted within each of us. This magical stone invites us to free dive into self-discovery, passion and healing. It is a talisman for the inward journey and helps recalibrate the energetic vibrations of the body, which creates a lasting connection to one’s spiritual self.

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