Theta Earrings | Sterling Silver

Theta Earrings | Sterling Silver


Theta brain waves are present during meditation, light sleep, and dream states. Theta is the vast realm of your subconscious mind. A sense of spiritual connection and oneness with the universe can be experienced in this state. Vivid visualizations, profound creativity, exceptional insight, and your mind's most deep-seated programs are all here.

Sterling silver studs with a faceted pear-shaped rainbow moonstone.

  • Sterling silver studs, posts & backings

  • Handmade - please wear with care

Moonstone stimulates the divine and intuitive feminine power rooted within each of us. This magical stone invites us to free dive into self-discovery, passion and healing. It is a talisman for the inward journey and helps recalibrate the energetic vibrations of the body, which creates a lasting connection to one’s spiritual self.

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