The Cozumel Necklace | Sterling Silver

The Cozumel Necklace | Sterling Silver


The Cozumel Necklace is handmade in a circular shape to reference Ixchel (pronounced eesh-chel), the Mayan goddess of the moon. 

She is considered to be the guardian of healers. One of the greatest pilgrimages of the Pre-Colombian world was when women from the Maya territories would travel to visit Ixchel’s sacred island of Cozumel, Mexico.  This goddess is the mother of all Mayan deities and rules over the cycles of life, medicine, and feminine sexuality. 

Sterling silver necklace featuring a faceted pear-shaped rainbow moonstone and unique dark oxidization.

  • Sterling silver pendant

  • 20" sterling silver chain with 2" extender

  • Sterling silver spring clasp

  • Please note : each Cozumel necklace has a unique oxidization to it. Some are darker than others.

  • Handmade - please wear with care

Moonstone stimulates the divine and intuitive feminine power rooted within each of us. This magical stone invites us to free dive into self-discovery, passion and healing. It is a talisman for the inward journey and helps recalibrate the energetic vibrations of the body, which creates a lasting connection to one’s spiritual self. 

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