The Lourdes Ring | Sterling Silver & Labradorite

The Lourdes Ring | Sterling Silver & Labradorite


The Lourdes ring is a talisman for acknowledging the ebbs and flows of our unique journeys. 

Set with a D-shaped stone, it is a literal reminder that the glass can always be perceived as half full. It is inspired by the conscious, never-ending journey of understanding and forgiving the triumphs and trials of our emotional landscapes.

This ring is named after the sacred site of Lourdes - a place of peace and inexplicable power. Although not nearly as ancient as some sites, millions of people have travelled to this famous grotto in the foothills of the Pyrenees to enjoy the miraculous spring waters. The healing powers of this water are so potent that there is an evidence-based medical institute on the grounds that studies the veracity of these healing miracles. 

Sterling silver stacking ring featuring a faceted labradorite.

Handmade - please wear with care.

Labradorite balances the aura, raises consciousness, and protects your energy from other people. This stone is excellent for sustaining one’s intuition and alertness to synchronicities. Wearing labradorite amplifies positive affirmations, strengthens faith in one’s self, and reminds us to trust the flow of the universe.

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